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Erwin Rommel – The Idol (1998)
 The opening film of the ZDF-series “Hitler’s Warriors”

Authors: Wolfgang Schoen and Holger Hillesheim

Erwin Rommel – The Idol (1998)
The film portrays the sensational rise and the tragic end of WWII’s most popular German General. Central question of the article: How could it be that the Führer’s favourite general who advanced to a mega star of the Third Reich, got dropped by Hitler so merciless? Still there are such rumours that Rommel had become victim of certain officers’ intrigues who enviously observed the field marshal’s exceptional promotion or had simply been waiting for their opportunity to eliminate the “careerist” so disliked in the officers circles. The events of July 20th came in the nick of time. Of all things, it was Rommel’s fate to embody the tragedy of the German people: to have followed “his” Führer unconditionally – into his own demise.

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