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Report from a homeland above suspicion (1990)

Author: Wolfgang Schoen

Report from a homeland above suspicion (1990)
The film describes the conflicting understanding of history of the hometown of Hitler’s assassin Georg Elser’s, Hitler’s General Erwin Rommel and the author - Heidenheim on the Brenz. At the elections in 1990, the Republicans become second strongest party right after the CDU. Unique in Germany. Heidenheim supposedly is the “Capitol of Republican Movement”. In the concert hall, the former head of the Republicans, Franz Schönhuber talks himself into a truly nationalistic frenzy under frenetic applause of hundreds of young citizens of Heidenheim. And – he evokes the spirit of “the town’s big son – Erwin Rommel”. In 1951, Rommel had already been raised a monument on the Galgenberg. At the same time, a hand full of citizens tries to enforce the raise of a deserved memorial for another son of Heidenheim, Georg Elser. The request was declined for centuries. Reason: The city of Heidenheim “has severe doubts about the legality of Elser’s deed”, the attempt to assassin Adolf Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich – after the assault on Poland 1939. A tiny memorial stone was finally conceded to him – on the outskirts of Heidenheim on the Brenz. Orange

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