Horst-Eberhard Richter (2007)

Authors: Wolfang Schoen and Torsten Halsey

Horst-Eberhard Richter (2007)

Horst-Eberhard Richter, doctor, social philosopher.

In our film we are portraying the most popular psychoanalysts that Germany has today. Richter’s concern is how people can achieve personal peace – and world peace. He won’tdo anything less. The atomic threat especially scares him. As a member of  ”Doctors against Atomic War” he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. He  always stands on the side of the victims  - at the Gulf War in the early 90s as well. On television, he was in the “Hot Seat”, facing supporters of the war against Saddam Hussein.


Having reached the 21st century, it has become quieter around him – but Horst Eberhard Richter still leans firmly against the Zeitgeist. He has written about 200 scientific essays and 25 books. Now he has rebelled once more, writing about “The Crisisof Masculinity”. Richter analyses how women slip more and more into the role of men in modern society. In the process, according to Richter, humanity falls by the wayside - with fatal consequences.


Horst Eberhard Richter’s books are blazing pleas - against war, hatred and violence and for a better and more humane world. Over the years, his books have become more and more personal. He calls it “self analysis by writing”. His works are to be mainly understood as part of his own biography.


Horst Eberhard Richter: from neuroses of the individual, to family and group, he has advanced further and further into society. With his works he wants to embrace the world, to save it. He unshakably believes that this is possible. 

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