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Legends (2006)
  Rudi Völler

Author: Wolfgang Schoen

Legends (2006)
Rudi Völler. World Champion. He won the Champions League with Olimpique Marseille. But he never happened to be German Champion, never won the German Football Association Cup. He only became Second, eight times. Rudi Völler. Street footballer from Hanau. A German hero, a football legend without airs and graces. He is one of the guys, who cannot understand why he has become a national hero. He is always the good guy. For all times. And sometimes it seems, he cannot cope with it. More often freak outs are part of the fading football legend’s image, Rudi Völler. In our documentary, we approach a man who grew up under modest circumstances, with a lot of talent and the right people on his side, to become one of the 80’s most popular strikers. But the legend Rudi Völler would not be as dazzling as it is, without the many turbulences he got involved in, mainly trough his own fault. His stubbornness, his obstinacy, his numerous freak outs are the downside of Rudi Völler. His Waterloo was Iceland and the European Championship in Portugal. The football community was surprised, seeing the nice Rudi suddenly not wanting to behave in a media compatible way anymore. Tante Käthe, as he’s fondly called by his fans, showed himself rude, explosive, invidious. Rudi Völler had decided on his own to have failed and not letting himself get influenced anymore. Despite all escapades, despite his inaccessibility, Rudi Völler is loved by his fans. Because he embodies the characteristics of diligence, discipline, fighting spirit and humility to date.

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