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Son of Victim – Son of Perpetrator (2005)
 The story of an exceptional friendship

Author: Wolfgang Schoen

Son of Victim – Son of Perpetrator (2005)
It is the story of a friendship, that actually cannot be. The story of two men whose biographies are tragically interconnected.
It is the story of Frank Reiss, born in Berlin, son of Jewish parents. They flee in 1938, went the wrong direction, to Austria, after its “Anschluss” into Slovakia. The parents get murdered in the Nazi’s concentration camps, Frank is deported to Theresienstadt, survives the camp.

It is the story of Roman Mach, son of a convicted Nazi perpetrator. Roman’s father, Slovakian Minister of the Interior, has set the seal on the death of Frank’s parents and further 70.000 Jews.
When the two boys met 1947 in school, they had no idea of the fateful dimensions of their friendship.

In this film Frank Reiss himself describes his exceptional relationship to Roman. Roman Mach and his sister have broke their silence after years, to talk about the father, the Nazi perpetrator “Sano” Mach.

The film portrays the friendship by means of a joint journey through their biographies, against the background of the widely unknown history of the grim coalition between the German Reich and Slovakia. We accompany the two companions on their journey to Majdanek, the annihilation camp in which Frank’s father was murdered on his 40th birthday. For Roman, a journey to a place that will always be associated with his father’s name. We tell about the exceptional friendship that developed from the dreadful confusion of the Second World War and that is lasting till this day.

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