One day in August (2012)
 The case of Peter Fechter

Wolfgang Schoen

For the 50th anniversary of Peter Fechter's death the documentary sheds light into the memory of that day in August 1962 in Berlin. Are the victims of the Berlin Wall forgotten? What have they left behind? The historic search does not stop at a few steal memorials and exhibitions. What has changed politically since  that 17th August 1962? We speak with Egon Bahr, who was on the side of Governing Mayor Willy Brandt at the time; with policemen from West Berlin, such as the officer in charge of the border troops Heinz Schäfer; with the sisters of Peter Fechter.We were also allowed to accompany Peter Fechter's mother.  Why was the wounded 18-year-old mason lying in the death strip for almost an hour? Why did no one help? 35 shots were fired at the fleeing Fechter and his friend - but only one bullet was fatal. Today, 50 years later, it is possible to reconstruct the events of that time uninterrupted. The "failure" of the Allied Forces at the death of a mason triggered the first anti-american demonstrations after World War II. A highlight of the film: The dramatic circumstances of Fechter's death have been documented by a film sequence of a cameraman on site. Twenty years ago, tvschoenfilm produced the first film about the death of Peter Fechter. Most of the protagonists from then are no longer alive. Therefore, the footage from that time is a stroke of luck. The focus: The testimony of the two sisters.

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